How many artists will be selected for a residency? How long is each residency?

In the summer of 2019, SPACE will offer residencies to three artists that will take place during the fall. Each residency will last between two to four weeks depending on what works with each artist’s schedule and goals for their time at SPACE.

How much is the stipend? And, what costs are covered by the SPACE residency program?

Each resident artist will be awarded a $1000 stipend. This can be used to cover travel expenses, childcare expenses, material costs, or any other expenses related to the residency program. Artists are expected to provide their own meals while they are in town.


Do I have to live outside of Maine to apply?

Do I have to complete a specific project during my time at SPACE?

No. The goal of the SPACE residency is to provide artists with the opportunity to develop ideas, workshop projects, and further their artistic practices while immersed in the unique creative community of southern Maine. Once selected, artists are required to complete one community engagement event such as an artist talk, workshop, film screening, dance party or other comparable event.

Visual artists, filmmakers/media artists, writers, sound artists, collaborative groups, and curators are encouraged to apply. The SPACE artist-in-residence may work on any type of project, but should be sure to pursue projects best suited for the SPACE studio facility, as the combination studio and living space on the second floor will serve as the primary working space for the resident artist.

What kinds of artists are selected for the residency program? 

What is the residency room like? What amenities will I have access to?

SPACE’s residency room is a large studio apartment with a private bathroom, kitchen, and murphy bed. The living area/bedroom is sunny and functional, equipped with easily moved tables and chairs that can be arranged to best suit your creative practice. The kitchen is equipped with an electric stove top, a dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, as well as dishes and cutlery. There is no oven. Residents will have access to a free washing machine and dryer, and towels and linens will be provided by SPACE.

Sure, but keep in mind that at this time this residency program aims to create dedicated creative time and opportunity for artists who see themselves as being outside the privilege of heteronormative, white-centric identities. However, SPACE deeply values the contributions of those artists whose practices are engaged with contemporary issues and socially relevant concepts; if you feel your practice has something to contribute to critical dialogue or our community in Maine we hope you'll apply and tell us why. The SPACE residency room is also used beyond this dedicated residency program for artists staging exhibitions with us and for other projects at SPACE.  Please visit www.space538.org for open calls, exhibition proposals and other opportunities.

I don't identify as queer or as a person of color. Can I still apply?

What kind of printmaking can I do at Pickwick Independent Press?

Pickwick has facilities for screen printing, letterpress printing, relief printing, intaglio, and mono printing. Residents are required to go through safety orientation prior to working in the facility and may be asked to undergo additional training depending on their expertise with certain presses and project proposal. Residents are expected to cover the costs of additional beyond the basic orientation that SPACE will provide. You can read more about P.I.P. and their pricing guidelines by visiting their website.

Pickwick offers one-on-one workshops in all of the print techniques listed above. Residents looking to for an in-depth session with Master Printer Pilar Nadal or who care to learn a new technique on press they are not familiar with may incur costs associated with additional training. For more information on P.I.P.'s workshops, please visit their website.

What kind of workshops does Pickwick offer?

Where can I get art supplies in Portland, Maine?

Art supplies are available throughout the area. The Art Mart, located one block away from SPACE offers a variety of supplies for many mediums. There are also many chain stores within driving distance throughout the greater Portland area, including Artists and Craftsman, A.C. Moore, Joanne's Fabrics, Michaels, Home Depot, and Lowes. Residents are welcome to receive mail at the SPACE offices.

Can I apply for the SPACE residency more than once?

If you have applied for the residency in the past and have not been accepted, you may continue to apply for future sessions. However, you are only eligible to be the SPACE artist-in-residence once and may not reapply for another session if you have been accepted as the artist-in-residence in the past.